2024 Publix Gasparilla Distance Classic Race Weekend FAQs


What if I am injured and/or cannot run the event (family commitment, work obligation, etc.)? Can I get a refund, donate my entry or transfer my entry to someone else?

Sale and/or transfer of race entries/race numbers is strictly prohibited and will result in the disqualification and/or banning of any individuals involved from future events. All entry fees are non-refundable. An entry fee donation to GDCA would be welcome.

How do I pick-up my race packet?
  • The 2024 PGDC Packet Pick-Up will take place during the ABC Action News Health & Fitness Expo, in the Tampa Convention Center’s East Hall. The times are as follows:
    • Friday, February 23rd: 10am – 8pm
    • Saturday, February 24th: 6am – 3pm
      • On Saturday morning, Race Number Pick-Up only, will begin at 5:30 am. T-Shirts & Goody Bags will not be distributed until the expo opens at 6 am.  15K participants should run their race and return to the expo afterward.


Will I need identification for picking up my packet?
  • No
Will packet pick-up be open on Sunday morning for the Publix Gasparilla Half Marathon & 8K?
  • Packet Pick-up will take place at the Tampa Convention Center Ballroom D Street Entrance beginning at 4:30 am and ending at 9 am.
Can I transfer from one race to another?
  • Yes, but there will be a $15 Transfer Fee and, if you’re moving from a shorter to a longer distance, you will be responsible for the difference in the entry fee. No Challenge Transfers at the Expo.
I’m hurt. Can I transfer my entry to someone else?
  • No


Can I defer my entry to 2025?
  • Deferrals for the 2024 Publix Gasparilla Half Marathon and 2024 Michelob Ultra Challenge, Michelob Ultra Pure Gold Challenge, Stella Artois Challenge, and Kona Big Wave Challenge will be accepted until 3 pm on Saturday, February 24th.
    • Half Marathon Deferral Fee: $35
    • Challenge Deferral Fee: $45
  • For Deferrals, please visit the expo Questions Desk.


Will Gear Check be available in 2024?
  • Yes, Gear Check will be available in the convention center’s Meeting Room #124. The meeting room is located on the convention center’s lower level, adjacent to the escalators.
  • Though the room will be monitored at all times, the Gasparilla Distance Classic Association will not be responsible for any losses.
  • Gear Check Hours:
    • Saturday, February 24th: 5:30am-Noon
    • Sunday, February 25th: 4:30am-Noon
    • Any bags remaining in the Gear Check Room at closing, will be taken to the Gasparilla Distance Classic Association Office.
Will there be a Lost & Found?
  • The 2024 PGDC Race Weekend Lost & Found will be located at the expo’s Questions Desk during expo hours and on Sunday, it will be moved to the Gear Check Room in Meeting Room #124.
Can I run with my dog?
  • Dogs nor any other animals are allowed on-course.
What if I have a Service Dog?
  • Service Dogs are allowed but Service Animal Credentials must be presented prior to Wednesday, February 20, 2024.
Can I participate with a stroller?
  • The Gasparilla Distance Classic Association encourages family participation and has created the Kellogg’s 5K Stroller Roll specifically for families with little ones 4 & under. Entry Fees for children ages 4 & under are $5.  Those 5 years & older will pay the Adult Entry Fee.
  • Strollers ARE NOT allowed in the 15K, 5K, Run, 5K Walk, Half Marathon or 8K.
Will there be porta potties near the Start Line?
  • Yes, porta potties will be placed at all start and finish lines as well as at every mile of the 15K, 5K, Half Marathon & 8K courses.
If I am running one of the Challenges, what should I do with my finisher’s medals between races.
  • To meet the needs of our Challenge participants, a Challenge Medal Drop Zone is available on Saturday & Sunday mornings and is located at the base of the Platt Street Bridge at Channelside & Ashley Streets.
  • Finishers Medals will be placed in labeled zip lock bags.
The weather could be warm. What should I expect on-course?
  • In addition to Aid Stations, four sprinkle showers will be placed on the water side of Bayshore Boulevard between Gandy Boulevard and Rome Avenue.
  • Additionally, Ice Cold 2024 PGDC Branded 15K, 5K, Half Marathon & 8K Finishers Towels will be available at each of the Finish Lines.
How many Aid Stations are available on course?
  • Beginning approximately at 1.5 miles, Aid Stations will be available at every mile and will offer Zephyrhills Natural Spring Water. Gatorade Endurance will be available at miles 2 & 7 of the 15K, at every Half Marathon Aid Station and at mile 3 of the 8K
  • Zephyrhills Natural Spring Water and Gatorade Endurance will be available at the Finish Line.
When is the 2024 Publix Gasparilla Distance Classic (PGDC) Race Weekend?

• Sat. & Sun., Feb. 24-25, 2024

What is the anticipated field size for the 2024 PGDC Race Weekend Events?

When 2024 PGDC Registration opens, the participation caps for each distance will be as follows:
– PGDC 15K – 4,500 – Michelob Ultra Challenge – 500
– PGDC 5K Run – 8,000 – Michelob Ultra Pure Gold Challenge – 400
– PGDC Kashi 5K Walk – 1,500 – Stella Solstice Challenge – 400
– PGDC Kellog’s 5K Stroller Roll– 500 – Bud Light Lime Seltzer Challenge – 400
– Publix Gasparilla Half Marathon – 4,500
– Publix Gasparilla 8K – 4,000 – Publix Gasparilla 8K – 500

• In November, if increasing participation caps are warranted, the association will review the numbers and increase accordingly.

In addition to the in-person 2024 PGDC Race Weekend events, will there be a virtual option?

We are not planning to offer a virtual option at this time.


If it is determined that the 2024 Publix Gasparilla Distance Classic Race Weekend cannot take place for reasons outside the control of the Gasparilla Distance Classic Association, there will be NO postponement, NOR will the events convert to a virtual experience. If the 2024 Publix Gasparilla Distance Classic Race Weekend Events are cancelled, registered participants can choose from two recovery options that consider a participant’s financial commitment to the event, as well as the cost and resources required to stage the Publix Gasparilla Distance Classic Race Weekend. Every dollar collected through registration fees is invested back into the event to help cover these expenses and to enhance the overall experience for our participants. Planning and financial commitment for each year’s event begin well in advance of the registration window for the next event.

The recovery options for 2024 PGDC registered participants are as follows:

• Receive a partial refund of the 2024 PGDC entry; or
• Defer 2024 PGDC entry to the 2025 PGDC and receive a discount on their 2024 entry fee.

If the 2024 Publix Gasparilla Distance Classic Race Weekend is cancelled on or before Sept. 30, 2023 registered participants will be offered:

• A 40% refund of their 2024 entry fee or a 50% discount on a deferred entry for a 2025 PGDC Race Weekend Event.

If the 2024 Publix Gasparilla Distance Classic Race Weekend is cancelled between Oct. 1, 2023, and Dec. 31, 2023, registered participants will be offered:

• A 30% refund of their 2024 entry fee or a 40% discount on a deferred entry for a 2025 PGDC Race Weekend Event.

If the 2024 Publix Gasparilla Distance Classic Race Weekend is cancelled between Jan. 1, 2024, and Feb. 14, 2024, registered participants will be offered:

• A 10% refund of their 2024 entry fee or a 20% discount on a deferred entry for a 2024 PGDC Classic Race Weekend Event.

What would prompt race organizers to cancel the 2024 event?

The 2024 PGDC Race Weekend could be cancelled for circumstances beyond the Gasparilla Distance Classic Association’s reasonable control, including, without limitation, war, epidemic, civil or political unrest, terrorism, or severe inclement weather conditions.

PLEASE NOTE: RegShield Entry Fee Protection Coverage DOES NOT cover the following:

•If the participant does not attend the event because they are concerned about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) or are self-isolating without a positive COVID-19 test or other non-COVID-19 communicable diseases leading to quarantines or travel restrictions,
• Actual or perceived: war, hostilities, civil commotion, etc.,
• If event organizers cancel the race, or
• Processing fees associated with items (entry fee, ancillary products, etc.)
purchased during the application process.

For additional coverage details and prior to purchasing RegShield’s Coverage during 2024 PGDC Online Registration

Please click here for details.

** If a participant purchases the RegShield Coverage and is unable to participate, they must submit a claim in order to be eligible for a refund. The claims form will remain open for 60 days after the event. Claims are generally processed within 30 days of the submission. The claims process will be administered by Protecht.