February 25 – 26, 2023


Ferman Automotive Chevy Cruzin’ Krewe Challenge

Although the Gasparilla Distance Classic Association (GDCA) has instituted practices to lessen or reduce the spread of COVID-19, the GDCA cannot guarantee you will not get exposed to the virus or get sick as a result of attending one of the GDCA events. By attending or participating in a 2023 PGDC Race Weekend Event, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.

What better way to celebrate the 2023 Publix Gasparilla Distance Classic Race Weekend than to do it as a Ferman Chevy Cruzin’ Krewe Challenge Team! 

Ferman Chevy Cruzin’ Krewe Challenge Teams can consist of friends, family members, co-workers, service club members, running club members, church members, charity supporters…heck, anyone that wants to join in, have fun, and register online to run or walk in one of the Race Weekend Events…the 15K, 5K, Half Marathon, 8K or any of the Michelob Ultra Challenges!


2022 Ferman Chevy Cruzin’ Krewe Team Challenge ‘Top 2!’
  • #1 –Joy FM’s Team Freedom 
  • #2 – Run Tampa

Here is a quick Q&A about forming and managing a Ferman Chevy Cruzin’ Krewe Challenge Team.

Q: How does a Ferman Chevy Cruzin’ Krewe Challenge Teamwork compare with an individual runner?
There’s really no difference.  Each registered team member will be scored individually in the distance that they registered for.  The Ferman Chevy Cruzin’ Krewe Challenge winning team will be based on the number of registered team members.
Teams do get to pick a Ferman Chevy Cruzin’ Krewe Challenge Team Name. Remember though, this is a ‘family-friendly’ event…G-Rated Team Names PLEASE!

Q: Is there a “Relay” component to running as a team?
No. Though individual team members will be scored in their designated event, there is not a Team Scoring component to the Ferman Chevy Cruzin’ Krewe Challenge. Ferman Chevy Cruzin’ Krewe Challenge Team Members can run or walk as a group but are encouraged to do whichever they prefer…stay together or take off and head for the Finish Line.  Remember too, team members aren’t required to run or walk in the same event.  Team members can run or walk the 15K, 5K, Half Marathon, 8K, or any of the Michelob Ultra Challenges.

Q: Can Ferman Chevy Cruzin’ Krewe Challenge Teams design and produce Race Day custom shirts?
Absolutely!!! Be as creative as you like! Please remember…family-friendly…G-Rated!

Q: How do you create a Ferman Chevy Cruzin’ Krewe Challenge Team?
A: First, Ferman Chevy Cruzin’ Krewe Challenge Teams MUST register online. Once a Team Captain has been designated, he or she should register online.  On the second online registration page and just below Medical Information, you’ll find ‘Select Team.’  In the drop-down menu, the choices are ‘Not On A Team,’  ‘Create A Team’ or there’s a listing of already existing Teams.  If  ‘Create A Team’ is selected, another window will appear.  The Team Name should be placed in this window. Once the Team Captain has registered, created a team, and completed his or her registration by paying their entry fee, others can register and join the team. (In order to CREATE a team and be a Team Captain, you must be 18 years old or older.  Team members can be younger than 18.) Once a Ferman Chevy Cruzin’ Krewe Challenge Team has been created, the rest of the team members can register and join the team by registering online and in the ‘Select Team’ area, in the drop-down menu, click on the appropriate Team Name. **Note to Team Captains** Please make sure that you tell your team members EXACTLY how you are spelling and spacing your team name.

Q: What if I’m already registered?  Can I create and/or join a Ferman Chevy Cruzin’ Krewe Challenge Team?
If you registered online, absolutely!  Here’s what you need to do.  Visit RaceRoster.com. At the top of the page and just off-center to the right, you’ll find ‘Already registered for an event?  Click here to edit. The next page will request your registration confirmation number. Once entered correctly, your registration record will open and you’ll be able to either Create A Team or Join an already existing team.

For more information, registration@RunGasparilla.com or call (813) 254-7866